Mukammal hona!! मुकम्मल होना!! Accomplishment of Love!! (Podcast link is provided below)

Love is such a pious and pure feeling that it is complete in itself. It’s not always about wanting the other person in one’s life but wanting his/her happiness, health and well being.

Love is about being together and planning their future and everything together…

Yes, but not always. Sometimes, one falls in love with such a person whom he can’t achieve/have in his life … Even in those special cases…. Love stands as a pious feeling only. It’s just that, one has to accept his feelings and move ahead with it…

When we see love as a pure feeling and accept it as it is with a feeling of selflessness, we would find that we want happiness of that other person… It won’t really matter in that case that the person is with the one who has fallen in love or with someone else.

In some rare cases, both the persons know that they have fallen in love but they also know that they can’t be together in this life … They must accept it as it is … Love is a pure feeling, let it be like that only… Don’t spoil or destroy it… Just feel it… Wish good for the one, you have fallen in love with… And move ahead with a good feeling.

Love is a pure feeling just like flowers, they only spread their good fragrances around… And live their lives to the fullest 🌈🌈

Life is a short but adventurous, interesting and joyful journey… Live it to the fullest… Love is a great feeling… feel it… Enjoy it…be it, it’s not about the accomplishment always. But about being happy and making the other person happy. 💕💕💕💕💕

Life is a beautiful garden of flowers… Look at the other side too… You’ll see your purpose of life!!

Thanks, I hope you enjoyed the post… Have a beautiful life now and ahead…

With lots of love,


  1. Wonderful post on selfless love.
    Love is not limited to fulfilment of commitment, desires.
    Love is universal.
    Love is without motive.
    Love is divine
    Love is unconstitutional.
    Love is vibration.
    That is pure love. Love is always pure.
    Or else it is not love.
    You have shared an awesome post.
    I am delighted.
    I listened to the podcast too.
    Excellent 👍😊🙏

    Liked by 1 person

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