Feel vibrations/sensations during Meditation/Praanayaam?? don’t panic. know the true reason!!

When one is meditating/doing Pranayaam/ intense chanting of Mantras for a good period of time, it leads to some changes in body, mind, thinking process and the overall aura of the person.

Gradually, starting to feel the vibrations, during meditations/Pranayaam or intense chanting of Mantras is as normal as being able to see the things around us, when the sun rises and there is sunlight all around. 🙂☺️

Yes, it may be a new experience, so difficult to understand, as to “what’s happening with me“. But it’s very normal in this path, you can trust me for this as I am on this path for almost 18 years now. If you have decided to go ahead, enjoy the process!!

When one would learn to manage himself/ tackle the situation, things would become better gradually and one would start to be in the situation with the senses, at this stage one feels the warmth and complete relaxation in few body parts. For eg. palms, head, genitals etc. Sometimes one may feel that he can feel the speed of blood flow in his body. So, if you too are feeling something like this, don’t panic at all. it’s very normal and just a part of the progress.

What exactly happens: When one does meditation or chanting of mantras intensely… at certain point when one is mentally connected too (Connected with the power of ‘Praan’ ), the body starts to feel the sensations of vibrations in the whole body, sometimes one may become unconscious too for few seconds or minutes in initial days of such stage.

Stage of extraordinary sensations & healing:
When one learns to tackle this situation, he goes to the next level, that is to have a feeling of happiness without any reason for few seconds to few minutes or even hours in later days. This is the best part of the meditation, at this stage, because this stage makes the one to feel the complete relaxation in body and mind. If one has pain in certain body parts, this is the time to cure that part by focusing & giving healing energy to that part. Few people tend to forgive people (those people towards whom they had negative feelings).

When one reaches the 2nd stage, he realizes that, being in this stage is super awesome, one would totally love the extra ordinary feeling of relaxation at that stage. When we practice it for a certain period of time, we gradually start feeling that things are in our hands, we can create positive vibes around us, we can create healing vibrations etc.

But all this is just the beginning at this path… it’s a long journey to be covered, realised and many awesome sensations to be felt and enjoyed.

Reasons behind these Experiences: Meditation and Pranayam work in the same way. Expansion of the power of Praan (the subtle, minute power that is the reason of Life) ; the Praan Shakti and hence, connection with the Universe, gradually.

Praan Shakti; The ultimate subtle/minute power behind our lives: The breath we take comes with sukshm Praan, with every breath. This is an element and the smallest form of power running the cycle of lives on Earth. There is Praan shakti in every thing on Mother Earth may it look living or non- living.

When we do Praanayaam exercises or Meditation, it gradually leads in expansion of the Praan shakti, that’s why one has so many extra ordinary feelings/sensations.

Praan (the subtle but super power of life) is the key of life, actually. This is the connection between the Consciousness and the Physical body.

The Practices of Praanayaam, Meditation & chanting of Mantras lead to expansion in one’s praan shakti. Increase in Praan shakti leads to expansion of one’s aura initially and later on to the Connection with the Universe.

Effect on Eda and Pingla Naadi: The breath that flows in the right nostril adds to the power of Pingla Nadi as it is closely connected with it. When one practices constant deep breathing for a good period of time along with meditation or makes it habit in general, it leads to a balance. The same happens with the Eda Nadi when there is balance in the breathing practices for a good period of time. This balance leads to the flow of Praan Shakti in the Sushumna Nadi, gradually. Now, when the Sushumna starts to get power of the praan-shakti…be ready to reach to the higher and higher levels and stages of Dhyaan/Meditation.

Once you reach this stage, many problems of the life, won’t be a problem, at all and you would see things from an entirely different perspective, now. Be enthusiastic about these different stages of meditation/Dhyaan/Praanayaam/Chanting of Mantras.

It may look like a rollercoaster ride initially but later on its a sea of bliss, only.

If you too have gone through or are going through any such experiences and want to share your opinion. I would be very happy to listen/read about your experiences.

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed. 🙂 🙂

With love & peace 🙂 to you,


  1. I started mediation after reading book “RajYoga” by Swami Vivekananda.
    I can relate everything you written there.
    Language of that book was very much difficult. The words like Eda and Pings Nadi.
    You explained very simply.

    By the way can I share it ?

    Liked by 1 person

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