soul to soul vibes…

Greetings & welcome to the ‘soul to soul vibes…’ platform. I am Shipra Tripathi, you can call me Malvika too 🙂 I am basically a spiritual soul. who is full of love, compassion and vibes of connectivity .I tend to connect with the people having spiritual/divine aura more easily. So, this spirituality is leading my life ahead. I truly believe that a healthy discussion can solve many of our problems from the grassroot level so all my writings are open for the discussion too, if you have anything to say, you are most welcome.

Professionally, I am an advocate with 7+ years of experience and by heart an admirer of the Universe, nature, an animal lover & most importantly, an all time learner. 🙂

I think the moment, one thinks that he has learnt enough and there is nothing more he needs to learn, that is the moment of collapse of his life, so that’s why one must keep on learning, unlearning, relearning lessons and concepts, in life to be alive. Gradually, we’ll be seeing here some discussions from the Bhartiya ancient scriptures too because they have been found to be more scientific by some of the modern researches in Bharat and abroad, so, why not to take its benefit in our modern lifestyle and situations. That’s why this platform for all of us to connect and keep on learning & progressing :).

There are some problems, bad memories or severe situations in everyone’s life…some times we are able to discuss about it & sometimes it takes a good period of time for us to realize that we are unable to act naturally, that situation is a bit problematic. In such situations, one needs the divine and dedicated vibrations to heal the heart, soul and the situation and be full of love, Power and positivity again. So I really hope and wish that with this website of mine I would be able to connect with few other souls on mother Earth, we will combine together to create vibes of oneness with the universe in this world of the apparent duality.

I am talking about being connected, so your comments/opinions would be valuable for me. Thanks for reading. Stay healthy physically, mentally and spiritually.