A Treat for the Eyes and the Soul :) :)…

Our eyes play a significant role in how much we understand the world around us. So lets see how do you interpret the visuals :)… This page also has images from the posts of the blog. 🙂 🙂

Did you like this picture then plzz do plant trees around your house, in your garden. When there are trees and plants around they don’t only look beautiful and the ambience attractive they also bring positivity in the surroundings…
We all often get attracted to the lightnings/ artificial/temporary beauty of outside world and ignore the beauty of the eternal soul…although that is the only beauty that will get brighter with the journey of Life-Death-Life on this planet or even after the end of the life here…the soul is on a constant journey of unveiling itself and finding its true form…
Why does one love being with the ‘nature’ so much…?? (A blog post)
Kaalratri/Mohratri/Maharatri… (A blog post featured image)
चंद्रमा को निहारती गौरी…(A blog post featured image)
Power of acting in its pure form!! (A blog post featured image)

ध्यान प्रथम चरण । (A blog post featured image)

The Pure, Beautiful & Auspicious Narmada River!!