Shivoaham; I m the light…

I am the light; only I have the solution of my confusions/problems, deep inside!!

There are so many theories regarding the beginning of the Universe…. Or should i call it the multiverse…We being in human body, can see very limited things, that we can perceive through our 5/6 senses, normally limited with this perishable body… But the truth lies above all these things… Truth is not, what we see, but, truth is what we can not see, perceive through this body …

A soul is not limited to this temporary, perishable human/any other body only… That’s why, it can perceive much much more beyond this body… some people call it as 6th sense… This sense is beyond the 5 normal human senses and it can grasp many things, that doesn’t stand with the normal logics, established sciences always…

The so called 6th sense or the power of our soul, enhances and increases with enhancement in our life styles towards a natural life style, with beginning or increase in one’s saadhna/meditation/yog/positive thinking/surrounding of positive people well-wishers etc.

‘Shivoaham’: the concept in simple terms can be understood as I am Shiva/The power of the almighty is within me because I am an inseparable part of the Shiv-Shivaa (purush-prakriti/Ardhnareshwara/creator of the universe) who is omnipresent… because he is within us and within each and every single thing around us and in this Universe.

Now, if you think, this is against our so called modern science…. So, buddy… Science itself proves the concept… When we study the Quantum physics/mechanics …2 things are still a point of deep research for our modern scientists.

  1. First is the omnipresent dark energy, that could not be catched through our modern devices: there is one energy in our surroundings and in the universe every where… That is there in such a form, that it’s difficult to measure it/to use it/to utilise it/ to know it’s form. Scientists couldn’t figure out even the basic facts about it.
  2. The researches are going on to know the very small block of an atom but the energy carrying forces, that have been found/figured out at that level are still a mystery for the scientists apart from the electromagnatic energy/force and gravitational force, there is a 3rd force also that is the reason why all the big planets/stars neither collied nor run apart. This is still mystery for the scientists. They call this as “the theory of everything” that hasn’t been solved yet!!!

Vedanta is a scripture that provides saaar/nishkarsh/concluding remarks of the elaborative vedaas. The concept of Shivoaham has been derived from Vedanta, Saundarya-lahri and Anand-lahri… These are the pious scriptures provided to us by Shree Jagat Guru Adi Shankaracharya ji… Who had brought the concept in the lime light when it was needed in the society… The society was being misguided by either the anti social elements or the heads of the then (apparently many religions) for their personal benefits or for benefits of their perticular path of religion.

Shivoaham: the ultimate truth and how it helps us with the name of the almighty along with good thoughts and good deeds is the only solution to all the grievances & sufferings:

Shivoaham; The ultimate truth that can be grasped by a body/soul… The truth, that people realise at different stages of their lives…here, i mean, the process of life and death goes on and on and on…the worldly sufferings and worldly gains goes on and on…. But the materialistic things can not be carried forward with our next life… Whereas the ‘karmas’ that are ignored by people to achieve the materialistic/social gains is carried forward in next life…….. There is only and only one way, that comes up as the solution… Is the Bhagwad Kripa/Lord’s grace/wish of the Almighty…His name is the solution…

It has been stated by Lord Krishna in Geetha that only ‘taking lord’s name and remembering him’, can help in Kalyug… Sufferings will increase/diseases with multiply because of the deterioration in the general consciousness of people of society… People will follow Adharama and support it for tiny gains in lives…In the situation of loss of compassion in the society…. Adharama will look like the only Dharma to misguided people…

Solution lies in knowing your true Religion/Vedas/Dharm… Knowing the meaning of love, kind deeds and compassion… Kindness and compassion has no limitations… That must be extended to all the living creatures… Afterall, they are part of you only…no one is different from you… They are you in another body… May it be any human or animal or anybody… Shivoaham… Shivoaham… Shivoaham… Know your true self…

How can i use the word Vedas aa an synonym for religion, when there are so many religions in the world ?? I can do so, with an aware mind, because Vedas were provided to our ancestors for preservation of humanity not any religion…. Those are the ancient most scriptures, that exist on mother Earth, they were provided at the time when humanity was the only religion on Earth… Rest other paths are developments that took place with time… In the war of Dharma vs. Adharma.

Rest in the next write up…

Till then take good care of yourself 😊😊 be happy and healthy…

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  1. An excellent post on Shivoham. Shivoham is a concept that should be understood by every human being through right knowledge and Yoga.
    Yoga is the process of getting back to the source from where we have manifested. Karma Yoga, Bhakti yoga, Gyan yoga all lead us to the Supreme Conscious which is Shivoham.

    You have beautifully explained about the reality today 🙂
    Adharma is considered as Dharma now.
    We can’t trust people ( not all).
    True love is absent among mankind.
    You have explained cosmology and the ancient philosophy which gives us same ideas of creation of this Universe or Multiverse whatever be.
    Your knowledge in this field is highly appreciated.
    This type of posts are rare.
    Please share your thoughts and feelings about the reality to gain knowledge in Spiritual perspective.
    Have a great time ahead 👍🙏😊🌷
    Best wishes.😀

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