Love; basis of the Universe!!

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When the supreme and the only being in this so called world of duality would have thought of creating this Universe with so many diversities and the concept of duality… There would have been this idea of experiencing love and seeing it’s own beauty in different forms and through different things and shapes… Otherwise, we all are just one, the part of the supreme being… We take different lives and ultimately, we go back to him only… Merge with him…

We all combining together don’t even make one complete drop of this entire universe…
He is the beginning and the end… The right path shown by him must be followed (The Geeta), if one wants to achieve moksha soon…

Love and the Natural beauty are the base of this world… The cause of survival… No one can lead a beautiful and satisfactory life without love and without loving the beauty that exists in this world!!

This life is very short to be wasted in quarrels that too with your another form… Learn to love, learn to forgive, learn to solve the problems, Learn to reconcile… And then see the magic of these positive vibrations… In case, even after your try this doesn’t reach to a good reconciliation then, may be the supreme being has some other plan…

Love & Peace to you 😊❤️❤️

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    Excellent post for today’s world where peace and love has taken the back seat. God is indeed LOVE. LOVE is God. God is BLISS. SAT + CHIT + ANANDA = SACHHIDANANDA. Therefore “Ananda” Which is nothing but JOY and JOY is the result of Love and peace.
    Thank you so much for bringing this post.
    Best wishes and love😊😊❤️❤️

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