Curiosity; The true inner callings!!

We don’t know why we are curious about someone/something/some topic… It just happens… Because these things are connected with our true inner self/the true being/ the true you/the pure soul.

Sometimes, we’ll understand it, in some time that, we are curious about it. Sometimes, it takes time to realise and understand our true fascination/interest area/ curiosity. These things may differ with every person depending upon the the time he spends with himself and true inner realisation.

Concepts connected with the concept of ‘Curiosity’:. I can only suggest you one thing, that, the good curiosity, hasn’t lead to any loss for anybody… You should go for it, because, it would help you to understand your true self. People in Sanatan Sanskriti connect it with rebirth too, that, we are attracted to things/works/subjects with which we were connected in our last life or the things that are our true goals in this life. They also connect this concept with the things that the one is supposed to follow in this life because he/she had left it incomplete in the last life.

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Reasons can be many even if we don’t talk about birth & rebirth because, it is something that attracts our true selves. (Good curiosity: by the term ‘good curiosity’ above in the write-up I mean something that doesn’t lead to something intoxicated and addictions that are not good for the body and mind)

If people follow this path of figuring out what, how and why something attracts them or why they are curious about some subjects…many of the career goals or the problem of finding out the true self, the right career can be sought out.

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Interrelation of the Curiosity and the subconscious mind: you know the concepts can be many or the reasons can be many but as, it is said that some where inside our mind there is a Safety account of our pasts so, because of that the sub-conscious mind knows it why it finds something to be fascinating but our surface mind doesn’t have all those informations available with it, unlike, the sub conscious mind. So, trust your inner instincts!!

Doesn’t matter you live in which continent on Mother Earth… Time is limited for everyone!! Find your true self!!

Here, I can also put a point that all the great leaders, businessman, scientists all over the world could go ahead and found their path because they had listened to their true selves.

You’ll find out the way buddy!! Just don’t forget and ignore your true inner callings.

Malvika @soultosoulvibes

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