The Divine Art !!! – ARUNSINGHA

The world that we see is nothing but a canvas for the one and only power/ the almighty… The Sadchitanand (सद्च्चिदानंद)। How the creations take place has been discussed in a much simpler way and the four basic steps have been discussed to make the audiance understand it in our daily lives. The post contains so much knowledge regarding the divine super Art that you would be glad that you took out time for this knowledgeable post!! Go ahead, click on the link and start dipping in the sea of the divine knowledge… You’ll learn swimming!! 🙏🙏

This is a knowledgeable piece of writing by Mr. Arun Kumar singh Mahapatra… A knowledgeable soul from West Bengal!!

The almighty is the only supreme power who creates, manages and destroys each and every thing in this world of duality and no one else can do that or can think of such creation or destruction without his inspiration!!

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Malvika @soultosoulvibes

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  1. Wonderful 😊
    Thank you so much for sharing this 😌
    This post explains Nirguna Brahman and Swaguna Brahman.
    Casual, Subtle and Gross. Three States: That is our true reality. This is what has been explained in the post.
    Post is a text from Panchadashi, famous prakarana grantha by Swami Vidyaranya.
    Excellent post 😊🙏


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