Friendship is Faith!! मित्रता विश्वास है।

जब भारत में हम दोस्ती या मित्रता की बात करते हैं तब श्री कृष्ण ही मन में छाते हैं। जब उनके मित्र सुदामा आए तब कृष्ण बिना पादुकाओं के उनसे मिलने भागे-भागे गये।

प्रभु अपने मित्र के प्रेम में खिचे चले गए। मिलते ही उन्हें हृदय से लगा लिया। ना उनके अस्वच्छ वस्त्र दिखे ना उनकी गरीबी ।। अपने मित्र का भरपूर सम्मान किया। इसिलिए श्री कृष्ण एक अच्छे मित्र का उदाहरण प्रस्तुत करते हैं।

Friendship is love!!

Intention matters in Friendship: In current scenario, apparently, everyone has more than enough friends but actually very less friends because one has to think a thousand times before telling his personal problem to anyone. We have to think, if he/she is the right person to discuss this… Is he the one who won’t take advantage of the situation, circumstances and facts!! Try and know their intentions behind the questions and queries. A true friend would always have a positive intentions and any wrong person cannot have the right intention.

Know your true friends: Those are there in your life even after knowing your shortcomings, problems, weaknesses and are not disclosing it in front of others, are not taking advantage of the situation… They are true friends whom, you can rely on!!

With best wishes

Malvika @soultosoulvibes

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