The direction of our desires and our thoughts & actions must be the same!!

The words we speak and the ideas/ thoughts we ponder on/think over have immense energy in themselves. Their energy must not be overlooked by you… These are vibrations/frequencies with certain energy… Our intentions give them power to change our surroundings and so our reality…

Thus, one must be serious and sure about it… What one wants and he is acting/ thinking in which direction…

With lots of Love!!

Malvika @soultosoulvibes

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  1. Wonderful post. Highly insightful post.
    We must understand what we want indeed. Must be chosen first with all inns and outs.
    Law of attraction works well. But it must be invoked by taking right decision.
    You have shared the post for the benefit of mankind. Must be understood by the inner mind 🙂
    Best wishes 😊🙏

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