Life is really short to not to be your true self!!


  1. Wonderful post😌
    Life is really short, and it should not be wasted simply by calling sufferings, miseries, fear, doubts, stress etc.
    You have given a right direction such that people take note of it and rejoice. But one must find the True Self. The real nature of Self. That Self is beyond Time and Space. Only to be realised.
    Wonderful !! Excellent 👍
    Best wishes 🙂☺️🙏

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  2. Very wise words 💙😇💙. One of the reasons why humans give birth to so many people with different traits and features is so that we can have different people, different ideas, and different thoughts who aren’t exact copies or others, and there is sacred purpose and value in this — it is very much one of the special aspects of this experience we call life.

    🌟 Happy New Year 🌟 to you aswell my friend 🥳🙏🎊🎉


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