‘The Art of living happy, in the Present Moment’!! By Shivam Sharma* & Malvika Tripathi*

Are you happy, right now ??

Answer can be a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’.

If you are not happy… you must read this article…

If you are happy but this happiness is because you are ‘thinking about some past incidents or thinking about the probability of some good incidents in future’, then also… this article would be helpful for you.

Before reading ahead, please take 3/4 deep breathings and relax a bit…read it with a calm mind only!!

You know, A person can either stay stable, relaxed, positive in the present moment, focusing and giving his 100% in this moment. Those who live in the present moment, they rarely think about the past or be anxious about the future… Because they know that they have the power of the present time!!


The same person can cry, be in anxiety or depression or become almost inactive in the present moments, thinking about the past or the future!!

What is The Present Moment: Present moment is the most powerful moment among the ‘past’, ‘present’ and ‘future’ because…if can’t change anything in past and don’t know how things would unfold in the future but we can do whatever is in our hands in the present moment. Present moment is like ‘Zero’/’Shunya’ where you can make it 100 and it becomes infinite, once you start working in the present moment!! One can do his best in the present moment only and only if he is grateful that he has this power to act in the present moment!!  One needs to be really happy about this super-power of being able to act, now.

Pic from Dumna Nature Park, Jabalpur (MP, India)

So, now let’s see the most common problems, first… generally people are not happy in the present moment, because they don’t consider the moment to be complete in itself, because things, some success or one or few people are missing in this moment… something much better could have happened that didn’t happen…you are still waiting for it…so, you are unable to be happy in the present moment!!

A picture from the Tapovan bhoomi. Located at Jabalpur (MP, India)

Reasons of unhappiness in the present moment: Yes, I totally understand such situations, circumstances and emotions. Trust me, I do understand, the feeling of incompleteness or being failed many times, not getting the complete credit for something where you had put all your efforts, situations can be many…

This picture has been taken from the Google images!! Thanks to Shreya Upadhyaya for sharing this!!

Now, put your hand on your heart and tell me:
Are you satisfied with your current response to the situation??

Are you enjoying this state of mind of not being happy??

Did you actually want, to not to be happy, satisfied, doing your best and giving your 100% ??

I think, you’ll say- “No, I really want to be happy, want to give my 100%, I want to enjoy my life upto fullest.”

Right, so….my dear!!

Accept the life in the present moment, as it is, without any ifs and buts.

Whatever has happened in the past…we can’t change it, even a little bit… this is against the rules of nature…but, we are lucky enough that we can reconsider the whole situation and reprogram our mind to act differently, now and for the future.

The past doesn’t change for anyone, for no one, without any exception. But we can work on our present and can lessen the impact of the actions that have been taken in the past, sometimes. Where we can’t do that …we can definitely do something good in the present moment to make things better for us.

Past doesn’t change for anyone, without any exception!! A picture shared by Mr. Ravi V. Sharada Prasad, Founder and Chief Executive at RVP Associates.

Power of our Subconscious mind: when you are in a particular situation, where past can’t be changed, you don’t know, what will happen in the future…here do this task to your subconscious mind to make the circumstances better for you…it will do its job. where you can’t see a single option today … your subconscious mind will bring many options for you.

If you are worried about the future…. just stop worrying, at this very moment…trust me. Our worries and anxiety become reason of secretion of some harmons, which make us more conscious and we are unable to be our true selves or do our best in the present moment…they lead to make us depressed or put us in depression.

Depression is a terrible state of mind that makes any creative or highly efficient person inactive or unproductive!!

Past means depression, regret , future means anxiety or fear, present means being  bored that means we need to learn to be in the present moment to create positive or strong aura.

Present exerting our ability to be mindful not only makes us happier, it can also help us deal with pain more effectively, reduce our stress and decrease its impact on our health, and improve our ability to cope with negative emotions like fear and anger , consciousness  stage is only possible when a being is in present moment.  When we deeply feel the present moment there is nothing just a infinity silence but at the same time there is everything to see and feel.

Why people are so miserable why!!??

They don’t know how to live!! And they don’t understand the importance of the present moment, words spoken and actions taken in the present moment!!

Thoughts are continuously coming its the law of maya , but when we only observe the thought in the present moment without thinking about past and future then it all goes immediately , Is there really any past or future  , Mind is very complex when you are tangled with maya , but when you are conscious and always saty in present moment time is nothing only present is everything .

Time is just a particular context for considering our karmas or life span that we got , Being in present is a boon because when infinity or sunya is around everything is around except maya , and when there is no maya you get every answer of your existence.

Concluding remarks:  Who doesn’t want to be happy ?? I don’t think, there would be anyone, like that. The key to happiness lies in the present moment only … neither in the past nor in the future!! 

A picture from the Chilika lake, Puri (Orissa, India)
A picture from the Himalayan region.

Points to be kept in the mind:

1. Past can’t be changed but the effects can be lessened by acting appropriately in the present moment only.

2. No one has seen the future, no one, you can only expect it to be in your favour by acting positively/appropriately/ effectively in the present moment.

3. Things can be favourable only by acting appropriately and with utmost patience in the present moment.

4. What you can imagine or plan, you can do. Have full faith on yourself.

5. You can also change perspective of other people towards you, by acting wisely in the present moment.

6. Humans make mistakes, don’t be afraid or discourage because of that, learn from it and do appropriate act, now, in the present moment.

7. There is nothing that you can’t do!! you can learn anything, you want, you can look awesome, travel any part of the world, learn any new skill… you have to act appropriately and accordingly in the present moment!!!

8. One has to be grateful in the present moment that he/she can act in this ‘Now’.

9. One should be super happy while doing something or taking some positive steps in ‘now’ because the positive/good/creative steps of ‘now’ change the whole scenario.

10. You ought to trust us and our words because, you have no other option left… except, to  leave everything on your fate. But, wise people or people who have faith on themselves,they take actions….they change the whole scenario by themselves.

Take good care!!

With lots of Love and good wishes to you
Malvika & Shivam

Introduction of the writers:

Shivam Sharma
B. com graduate,
Currently student at Cost and management accountant of india. From jharkhand giridih.
A socially active person.
ph no* – 9123194440
E-mail – 1711shivam@gmail.com

Mr. Shivam Sharma

Malvika (Shipra Tripathi)
An advocate since 2011
Former Asst. Professor in a law college.
Pursuing PhD in law
In Advisory council of Karunavati Sahitya Dhaara, Quarterly Magazine. malvikagauri@gmail.com

Miss Malvika Tripathi


  1. Wonderful post 😊
    One should read atleast three times and understand the concept “Being in the present”. Unless one live in the present, the moment now, life will definitely be miserable.
    Fantastic post for all young aspirants and also for the senior citizens, to have a tranquility, after passing through different phases of life.
    I congratulate the writer for bringing such insightful post.
    Best wishes 🙂🙏❤️

    Liked by 2 people

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