Transition of Planet Jupiter to Sign Aquarius’*Effects on each sign!! (Must see the influence on your sign)

There are 9 planets in the Universe and 12 signs. These planets transits to every sign one by one and this transit casts different effects on different signs.
Recently Jupiter has moved to the Sign of Saturn that is *Aquarius*. This transit of Jupiter will provide beneficial results for few signs, mixed for few but detrimental for rest of the signs…
Get ready to know the result of this transit on your *Moon Sign*.

Moon Sign is the sign where moon is placed in your Chart.

I hope you saw what will be the influence of this change in the planetary positions on your sign.

In case, you want to consult this team of astrologers, you can contact on the number provided in the above pictures.

If you liked these information regarding the planetary positions and the horoscope, please let me know, so that I can bring here more of Such informative posts.

With best wishes to you


@soultosoulvibes in collaboration with the team of ‘Theory of Astrology’.


      1. As witness, Almighty is always within our hearts. Just remember this, always remember this and get free of the acts of mind/limited self and stay blessed dear ones.
        I do not have any problem. Thank you so much.😊🙏

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        1. Yes Sir, that is very true… I too believe in that.
          It’s just sometimes, when people have so much problem in their lives, that they cant keep their faith on the supreme power intact. In those situations, one may take help of this well developed science of Astrology. 🙂🙂

          Thanks a lot for your motivating words!! 🙏

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  1. Hahaha, using pastries to illustrate the alignments of the universe is quite comical. The astronomical creativity there cannot go unmentioned LOL.

    Even though I don’t strictly follow the horoscope and the meanings of the different planets and astrological signs, I’m an Aquarius myself and felt a little bit “special” what I saw it mentioned in the title 😂😂

    I really appreciate your observations about what the different signs and transitions of the planets and stars mean and how these activities can be used as a way to navigate our lives in meaningful ways 🙏✌️😄

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    1. Sir, thank you so much for going through it😊😊🙏. Your point is right, it can be considered comical and can be seen very seriously too… Depends upon the perspective of the person!!

      There is a team of Astrologers… In collaboration with them i have presented this post!! 🙂🙂

      :Aquarius’ is a special sign indeed with some unique qualities!!

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      1. Yes, I totally agree, it is definitely very serious, in a lighthearted way ☺️☺️. It’s just that it was made so good that I didn’t notice what the image was made up of until I actually focused on it and gave it a really good look, then I realized that it was actually bits of biscuit and bread hahaha. This kind of thing is refreshing to see and makes learning very fun 🤩💙.

        It’s good to know who was also behind the collaboration, and also about the unique qualities observed that are related to Aquarius and the other signs. This is all very thought-provoking and informative 💯💯😂


  2. Its good. Some or the other way it affects our daily life.. I don’t have much knowledge in transition of planets or signs. I am an Pisces and its quite relatable.. Thanks for putting light on these facts..

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        1. Hello Chiranjive, good to know you 😊. No, actually this post is in collaboration with the team of ‘The theory of Astrology’.

          I know that astrology is scientific, so that’s why i have put it here on my website.

          About the team of ‘The theory of Astrology’ you can find the details in the post.

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        2. Oh ok I will have a look.
          Yes astrology has a direct link with science though I don’t have much knowledge abt it, it makes me wonder how astrology dwells well in our life..

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        3. Yes I do want to learn.
          There is a long bridge between me and astrology as whenever I try to understand, it confuses me with reality..


  3. I am a Pisces and some useful info has been provided… I want to dig deep into this amazing world of Astrology.. Please enlighten me..

    Abhinav Tiwari

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    1. Hello Abhinav, I am truly glad that you liked the information provided in this post. 🙂🙏

      Well, if you wish i can tell you 1/2 basic books to start with, if you want??

      Apart from that, if you want to consult the astrologer who has brought in focus all these info… The number is already provided in the pictures of the post.

      Let me know if you need any more help!! 😊🙏


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