Positive vs. Negative Vibes!! (The Constant struggle).

In this Universe of vibrations, every thing is made of vibrations only…here, impossible is nothing…each and every one of us is a magic in himself/herself. So, why do we sometimes think, that this task or person is impossible??

All we see around us is just vibration/a combination of different vibrations…

If we emit some positive vibes, it may create something positive… Negative vibes don’t have that power… So, the crux is before accepting the negative part, one must give his best to make something positive out of it.

These arrangement of flowers looks more beautiful rather than the scattered flowers… Our vibrations and Frequencies also make such beautiful arrangement of situations and circumstances, when controlled and managed properly!!

Positive vs. Negative Vibes in behaviour: when there are situations or circumstances that we have to deal with a person or few persons… They may be ignorant people or those who are difficult to deal with or they don’t take you seriously…. In such situations, negative behaviour or behaviour with feelings of hatred or arrogance or mistreatment or angry behaviour doesn’t make the other person understand what actually went wrong, even if, the person was at a fault or did something wrong ignorantly or mis behaved…. The behaviour with a negative vibration can’t correct that fault or wrong or mis happening. So, if the other person is wise enough, he has to control his own behaviour and Vibrations only.

Relationships are like flowers… Must be treated delicately!! 💕💕

Working of vibrations in any given circumstances: When situations or circumstances are not going right, the reason may be past karmas or past negative vibrations. No one can change it in a moment, it changes gradually with ‘saadhna’ or ‘creation of the positive vibrations’. So, in such circumstances the person has to keep some patience and must keep creating the positive vibrations.

Here again, being negative or sad or depressed about the situation only adds to it and doesn’t solve the problem. What solves the problem is continuous saadhna of the positive vibrations.

Doesn’t matter how much negative the other person or situation seems to be… The Karma yogi has to be positive and must repeat ” this is just a temporary phase, I am giving my best, now and the best things are going to happen very soon” .

We must learn from the flowers, they keep doing their job only… Doesn’t matter how is the situation!!
Waves of the ocean are the proof of the continuous power/force working inside the Earth and so all around us 🙂🙂 one must stay positive to create the next wave in his favour!!

Precisely, before being totally negative about something or someone… One must try and be completely positive about it… Being positive with presence of mind is required, in such circumstances!!

Negative Vibes anyway doesn’t pay… Except deteriorating our health and spoiling our mood!! So, be mindful, be positive!!!

Take good care of yourself!!

Love and Peace from

Malvika 💕💕


All Rights reserved!!


  1. Wonderful! Excellent!! Yes this is the best mantra you have said ” this is just a temporary phase, I am giving my best, now and the best things are going to happen very soon” .
    In this Universe and beyond everything is but Vibration. That is why in our scriptures OM is said as Vibration. So it is Vibrations and obviously Higher(positive ) vibrations are at work to sustain this Universe. When we align with that vibration , it is the Peace, peace and peace everywhere. This happens when we love each other, hate not. You have presented an excellent article with higher knowledge. Great! Take care. best wishes. 🙏😊

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    1. Sir, i am grateful, you took out so much time for my work… Yes, you are right ‘Omm’ is the vibration… Actually, it is the beginning and the end… That’s why in most of the Mantras we begin with ‘Om’ only … It has the power to create/to generate.

      Sir, apart from your blog… Your comments are also very knowledgeable. I m seriously glad to be connected with you at this platform too!! 🙂🙏

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      1. Thank you so much Malvika. At this young age you have gained enormous knowledge. You are walking in the right path. You are having great talent! Use your talent for developing your Self and for Mankind. I am very happy to be connected with you.
        Stay blessed always.😊🙏

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  2. Vibration is a very interesting concept because it can be seen as “energy” and energy can be used to create disruption or it can be used to make light that can guide people, and also light that can be used to create a much brighter future.

    This is why I am very intrigued by your use of the word “emit” because “emitting” is closely associated with light, and vibration is very important in this equation because of the fact that to create light, it takes a little friction, and that friction is the role that the vibrations play to create energy; how we “convert “that energy can be positive, or it can be negative, but I prefer to convert my vibration into the energy of light which enlightens 👍😂


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