Jeevan-sutras of Shiv Yog by Avdhoot Swamy Shivanand ji… (Life-maxims).


      1. Very happy to hear that my friend and you are so welcome 🤩🤩

        No I am not on Whatapp and I am not on any other app or social media by the name ” “Spiritual Musings’ ” 😂

        What made you ask?

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        1. 🙂🙂

          Because I have recently joined this group with that name which is there for the motivational and spiritual writers and souls…so, I thought there are chances, that you too are there… Or, if not, you can join if you too have interest to interact with such souls or to be in connection with them. 🙂

          You can tell me, if you also wanna join 😊

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        2. Awww that is so adorable of you 🥰🤗🌹.

          Thank you so much for your lovely invitation and for making me aware of the group. I would join in a heartbeat but since it’s a Whatsapp group, I will be unable to join because I have no phone 😂😂.

          I know that may sound primitive but I have been using Laptop, Tablet and Desktops mostly and was never in any position where I needed a mobile phone so I had always just stuck with my usual mode of operations lol

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