Poornatva: the ultimate search of every soul for the completeness!!


Hey, please take out some time and listen to this beautiful & meaningful article which is about the journey of any soul that wanders here and there for the feelings of satisfaction or in finding his true self or for the feeling of completeness… The article moves ahead in the same way as the thoughts and actions of a human being goes ahead… And then at the end we see the solution part!!

The article has been written by:. Mr. Rohit Shukla

An IRS officer, A writer and an orator.

Recited by: Shipra Tripathi (Malvika)

Hope you would enjoy it!!

Love & Peace from



All the rights are reserved!!


  1. Hahaha awesome recitation; I couldn’t understand the language but listening to your vice works wonders for the soul 🙏🤟😂.

    I can tell that your reading of Mr. Rohit Shukla’s writing was marvelous and from the summary of the subject that you mentioned here on your blog, I like the idea that Mr. Rohit Shukla wrote about — it sounds pretty interesting lol

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    1. Thanks a lot Sir, you took out time to listen to my recitation that too when you didn’t understand the language…. That’s so nice of you!!
      The article is about finding the meaning of life, finding one’s true self and having the feeling of the completeness…it has been pointed out in the article that ‘love’ is an important aspect of life that adds meaning to the life, that, people often ignore. 🙂🙂

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      1. No problem 🤟☺️💕, I didn’t realize that it was going to be in a different language until I pressed play but I still wanted to listen to get a sense of how you were telling the story, and it was clear to me that you recited it admirably well hahaha

        Those are indeed important aspects of life to delve into, and how the issue has been broken down both in writing and via your reciting, serves as an extremely helpful reminder and inspiration to those of us who can use this kind of optimistic and healthy upliftment 💯🙏🤗🤗.

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        1. Hello Sir, i m sorry for the late reply. I am glad that it isn’t in a language that you could understand and still you took out time to listen that!! 🙂🙂
          Thanks for your genuine compliments Sir 🙏🙏. Few things are good in hindi only… But the other things I’ll recite in English too 🙂🙂 so that i can connect with pure souls like you!!

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        2. Hahaha that is no problem at all, your lovely responses always makes the waits enticing.

          LOL correct, even though I couldn’t understand what you are saying I still wanted to atleast hear you out, which shows how badly I wanted to hear what you had to say 🤣🤣

          Don’t worry about speaking in Hindi since I understand that it’s apart of who you are and your culture, plus there are alot of people who probably read your blog that only speak Hindi, so it would be good for them to also be able to read things on your blog aswell 😂. But it’s very sweet to hear that you like to use english to form potential relations with individuals like myself who you are fond of — that is beautiful ☺️☺️🤗🙌

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