How to convert Desire into burning Desire ?

First let us understand desire. Desire : You may think desire means strong will for something. But actually, desire means to wait for something to happen. To desire for something means you are waiting for luck to make things happen automatically. Burning desire : Burning desire means you are not waiting for luck to do […]

How to convert Desire into burning Desire ?


      1. Yes you can reach me by my wordpress email:

        Hahaha, it seems like your Inbox did magic with my message and made it dissapear LOL.

        Since you have recieved my email, you don’t have to bother looking for the other one. You can just write a new message and send it to me and I will respond to your message instead 👍😇

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      1. Hahaha thank you so much 🌹💙;

        I am humbled — I am in the same position as you, I don’t consider myself to be higher than anyone especially not those who I myself also admire and I certainly do look up to you my friend ☺️☺️🙌.

        I will have a creative week, I know you will too because your sense of fashion exuberantly beautiful 🤗🌟


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