Soul to Soul talks!! Having the one in your life!!! (Podcast link is attached)—Having-the-one-in-your-life-e19rk3s

It’s easy to be part of a crowd or to be surrounded by many people but that doesn’t lead to inner fulfilment, whereas, the company of a single person who can understand you and your achievements leads to joy and mental peace!!


  1. WOW, this is extremely well-spoken Malvika 👌💯. You are spot-on, it’s the quality of the time and the quality of the moments that you spend with people that truly matters 👍🙏😂. Those you can understand, learn from, share meaningful experiences with, are what it really comes down to 🙏🙏😇.

    By the way, I had to force myself to focus on reading the subject and not be awe-struck by the dazzling beauty with the lovely smile and glow of radiance that surrounds her in that exemplary photo right at the top of the post hahaha

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      1. Hahaha you are welcome 💙💙☺️. Yes, there is no question that the person in the picture is you; that is very unmistakable and you look absolutely INCREDIBLE 🤩🤩

        LOL my message probably got lost amongst all of the other messages in your gmail 🤣🤣. Try doing a search within your gmail for a message titled “Hello My Indian Friend”, or it may be inside of the “spam folder” 😂.

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        1. 😊😂😂 you are super welcome beautiful, it was all my pleasure 🤟🌹🤩🤩.

          You are trully a very precious friend 💯💗

          🤣🤣 ok I wish you the best with the search. If you don’t locate it, i’ll try sending you a new one and see how it goes 👍😄


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