“Matches are made in Heaven”!! ( Podcast link provided below).


This phrase conveys contentment to our mind and a feeling of satisfaction drawing towards our marital bond.

Is this Phrase true? This is the question. Let’s find out.

Any living creature respiring in this universe is shortened by absolutism. She/he needs a different living creature to aid him, fix him and complete him to absolutism. Men and Women are the best creatures of the creator. A man is deficient without a woman and vice–versa. This need, in fact, actually helped in evolving the institution of Marriage.

I believe Marriage is the association of two soul mates who were born and brought up separately to remain throughout the life jointly. To realize this objective, the obvious condition precedent is to find the Soul mate. Your soul mate can be anyone but cannot be more than one.  While advocating the concept of Marriage, I am stressing the concept of “A Compatible Bond” and I consider that “Best can only be one and so the soul mate, although he may not be perfect but compatible”.

Unless and until you have along with you, your soul mate as your Life partner, you have entered into an agreement based on compromise. Very hard is to find out this person who can complete your missing. Searching for a soul mate is as easy as staring at the moon in new moon Night. It is least often that a person gets success in finding his soul mate and to achieve the goal, few are there who indulge in more than 1 bond of marriage (Polyandry/Polygamy) maybe 2, 3, or 5 still remain discontented.

Success rates here are very scarce requiring some external guidance that could facilitate in the accomplishment of this pious task. On analyzing it deeply we can figure out that the ultimate end towards which we are wandering is “Happiness”. All you require from this institution of marriage is your inner happiness and if you are able to catch it then he is the person, go and match it. Forwarding your energies on a correct person smoothens the running of the turbine for your marital bond else your energy will be converted into waste. Finding a soul – mate is very difficult but finding a person under whose umbrella you will be protected, satisfied, and remain happy can be made easy by the help of an ancient and proved Science.

Here comes the Role of Astrology, which provides us with the tool of Matchmaking of horoscopes of those two individuals searching for their soul mate.  Believers of Astrology consider it to be a science, not magic. It acts as a bell of caution for our future actions and enables a person to plan his endeavors considering such instructions. It also assists those who are searching for their soul mates for a successful and prosperous marital tie. While computing such matches, a score of 18 or above (50% or more) out of 36 (Maximum Score) opens the door for the marriage and every progressive increase in scores obtained raises the possibility of a healthier marital tie. It also tells us about Doshas, if any, present in the horoscope of either of the person or match such as Nadi Dosha, Kuja Dosha etc.

However, We often come in contact with such couples who have entered the nuptial after receiving exceptionally high scores such as 30, 32 or 34 still they possess complaints and conflicts in the marriage, sometimes furthered towards ending of the tie whereas there are such couples also exist who scored exceptionally low in their matching score yet living a happy and prosperous life. The rationale for this is very obvious that only matching 36 points/scores and finding out doshas are not enough instead the houses of birth chart which are directly or indirectly connected with marriage should also be analyzed and matched such as long –term friendship between the two, after marriage family support, the longevity of partner.  Analysis of these incidental houses of the chart is always better than the computation of scores, in fact, corroborates or contradicts the latter but is generally skipped by the astrologers who either because of lack of knowledge do not know anything about this or are just interested in fetching money in reduced efforts. If scores obtained while computing is excellent but on analyzing it is found that age of any of the person is very less, who would want to convert this excellent score into a dwarf relation?

A Comprehensive matching of two charts seeking soul mates thus involves 3 tasks that are computation of scores, finding of doshas, and analysis of respective houses of charts. This tool of astrology corroborates the discovery of Einstein that is E=mc2.


Where, E – stands for the energy that you have to forward towards a person.

Which equals to -:

M – Stands for Matchmaking via computation of scores.

C- Chart Analysis based on the placement of Planets and respective House.

Astrology per se cannot guarantee you to help in searching or providing a soul-mate which is, in fact, next to impossible but warrants that if you follow the protocols directed by the process of match-making, that marriage would be a successful one. This Article is written with an aim to present the true side of match-making as in the present times many ‘not well-versed astrologers’ have aided detrimentally in eroding the faith of the people that they had once upon a time upon astrology and thereby decreasing the authenticity. Astrology is one of the best, pious and practical sciences and one should at least once try to get their matching done by some genuine predictors.

If you feel so to get your match done with a person inside whom you are searching your soul mate, you may contact on the through the details given below and take the appointment. Last but not least Matches are made in heaven but where to find that, Astrology can guide.

Eshan Tripathi

 Astrologer, (Match – Making Specialist)

Theory of Astrology

Contact number – 7024283115

Insta Id – theory_of_astrology

Love & Peace to you

Malvika @soultosoulvibes.in

All rights reserved!!



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