Friendship, Faith/Trust & Love; find the connnection, find peace of Mind, Heart & Consciousness!!

When love exists on a soul level it becomes something else entirely…. unfathomable, unbreakable undeniable. Eternal.

-N. R. Heart

Here, it’s a two way process, at one side, it’s important to have faith/trust on each other… & At another side it’s very very important to keep that trust intact, like a treasure. As the relationship grows old, it’s this trust/faith on each other, that proves to be a real treasure. These things become possible when a level of friendship is alive in the relationship!!

Many people say that in marriage or love or romantic relationships those two people can’t remain friends with each other. But is it actually true??

Well, I would say that it’s totally upto us actually, how we treat a relationship!! Normally, I have noticed that, at every stage of our lives, we need few friends to connect with, to share with…it rarely happens that friends are like family too. A life-partner is there with you at every stage of the life. So, if you consider your partner to be a human being and a friend, few of the problems and the search for a friend at every new stage of life, will be sought out.

I know, you might say that it’s easy to say and difficult to practice but, if you have been facing some problem in your love life already, you might need to try something new… So why not friendship. Nothing wrong in trying, right?? Afterall, only positive steps can lead us towards the solutions. Every one loves the solution part, right. Just try this once!!

Love & Peace




    1. Hello Ma’am, I am so glad to hear from you. Thanks a lot for your warm welcome. You are right I am new here… Finally pursuing my passion!! Thanks to you too, for the follow. 🙂 We’ll be connected, hopefully. 🙂🙂🙏🙏

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  1. Terrific post; the message is positive and uplifting 💯🙏😄. It’s interesting to see how you delved into these dynamics. It takes everyone involved to cooperate to make relationships work and in most cases, being a little patient and understanding does go a long way, even though we do have to set boundaries; but as you correctly pointed out, it’s up to us. It all comes down to how we deal with these situations 👍😂

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    1. Thanks to you, that you took out time for my posts!! 🙂🙏 Frankly speaking, the way you have illustrated about my post, I find it more knowledgeable. Thanks for sharing your insightful thoughts over here. I simply try to put things infront of ppl with a new perspective. Because, sometimes, we just need a new perspective to look at the given things. That can solve some of our problems. Sir, please shareing your knowledge with me here. I would be obliged!!

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      1. WOW, you are very welcome my friend, I am humbled by your words and your reception has made me very happy. Your fondness of my views means alot, more than words can fully express and I agree 100% with your point about giving different perspectives. That is very true, we don’t all know everything and this is what makes sharing different perspectives and being open-minded to those different views, extremely vital.

        People tend to relate to things differently and different views and perspectives on a matter might help reveal things to people in ways that they can grasp, so thank you for your kind and cherished words 💯🙏😄

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  2. Sir, actually I am obliged to read your opinions and the way you shared them … You are absolutely right, this is the purpose of this platform to share our knowledge, opinions and to learn from it. I hope, I’ll learn many many more and new things over here, in company of open minded and knowledgeable people like you!! 🙂🙏🙏

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  3. Hahaha thank you so much; I really appreciated this and to know that our feelings about the platform, being open-minded, and learning is mutual 💙💙.

    You have an excellent way with words and I cherish every bit of it and your sincerity; it’s been nothing but a pleasure speaking with you 🙏🙌🤩

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    1. Sir,
      Greetings of the hour,
      Pleasure has been mine to read your thoughts and to know your enlightened thought process. Would love to know your opinions about my other articles too, when ever you find it comfortable and get some of your precious time.

      Warm regards,

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      1. Thank you 🤩🤩, I express massive appreciation to you and the kind, polite remarks you have blessed upon me, that I am so happy to receive 💙💙🤗. You are a remarkable soul and I love to see your content and your awesome thoughts, so I unconditionally accept your fun invitation Malvika haha.

        You can also address me as Troy if you desire my friend 👍😂.


        1. Hahaha awwww ☺️☺️, that’s no problem my friend.

          I noticed when you reacted to it, so I knew that you had atleast seen and read it which was awesome enough. I hope that you enjoyed your tour; it’s lovely to hear from you once again and I wholeheartedly share your sentiments 💙🙏🤗


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