Vibrations of Hope & Faith… Do they actually work ??

What if, I tell you, that, they would work, if we want them to work and they won’t work, if we don’t really want them to work.

Is it strange??

No, I don’t think so… Why??

Because, you too would have certainly noticed it in your lives, that, sometimes our conscious mind says something and sub-conscious mind something else!!

These are the moments that require some meditation or introspection. We have to bring the two levels of mind in harmony with each-other.

Sometimes, talking to someone who can listen to you and is your well wisher, can be really useful.

But, I know it’s not that easy to share with someone else, so easily or always. So, what to do in such circumstances??

So, I’ll tell you a good idea:

Imagine you are there and the current problem is not your problem but someone else’s problem. In this way, when you look at the things with a 2nd persons perspective/impartially… You would be able to tell yourself a better solution!! 🙂🙂

Basically, ‘Hope’ & ‘Faith’ are higher level vibrations and they do work…. They do work, when the person is sure about it from the bottom of his heart ❤️ and from the inner most level of consciousness!!

To make them work for oneself, one has to vibrate at that level of frequency.

So guys, before questioning these beliefs, you must look at your level of vibrations & frequencies!!

With Love ❤️

Malvika @soultosoulvibes


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