Soul to soul talk; true inner contentment & Significance of Sah-dharmidi (सह-धर्मिणी)…

What it takes for the feeling of contentment at the level of one’s soul…. 🙂🙂… It’s not the wealth of the whole world but another soul who can understand what the one is saying/feeling/going through. Sometimes the achievements are not big enough but the one who has achieved it knows, how much he has sacrificed for it… What it really means for him. Only another soul who understands this fact will be able to appreciate this and will applause for this enthusiastically.

Secrecy Clause: As far as spirituality is concerned, not everything can be discussed with everyone, things, feelings and achievements are kept from the general audience…Here, things can be discussed only with the Guru (the one who has shown the path or is the guide now) or in some cases with that/ those people who are either at the same level of achievement and have been trustworthy or with Guru bhai (a person is discipline of the same Guru) that too in rare cases only.

Significance of Sah-dharmidi: It becomes difficult to find people with whom things/progress/doubts can be discussed. Here, in Sanatan Dharm, the life partner (the partners wedded according to the law; the word law includes both the contemporary laws of the nation and the Sanatan dharm for the matter ) is considered to be Sah-dharmidi (legally wedded wife) and Bharta (husband) are considered to be the one to perform religious and in some cases spiritual duties with.

The wife is considered very important in sanatan culture to perform the duties with that’s why she is Ardhangini and Sah-dharmidi. We can draw the inference from an incident of Ramayana that when Sita was under the captivity of Rawana even then when Rawana was invited to host the pre-war worship of Shiv so he had brought Sita along with him because according to the laws, Ram was supposed to not to perform the rituals alone but along with his wife (Sah-dharmidi).

The above mentioned is just one of such incidents we will plenty of incidents from our ancient history that will bring out the high values that is attached with the wife. One can draw the high significance of the wife from the fact that there is a general rule in temples that only a Brahman who is a married man can become a priest in a temple, so his education is not the sole criteria to decide his eligibility.

We can see the story of Manu-satroopa, who had done a tapasya of an highly intense level to get the param-shakti (Narayana) in the form of their son. They later on got birth as Dashrath-ksushalya and Ram was the incarnation of Narayan as their son.

We must not forget the incidence of Maharshi Dadhyanch/Dadhyang who is more popularly known as maharshi Dadhich, the same sage who had given away his life for the purpose of the protection of the Devas as that time. Who is supposed to be the writer of Narayan kavach, that is very popular in Southern India. He too had done an intense tapasya for getting a great son, with his wife Swarcha. Later on, with the blessings of Lord Shiva (Shiva kripa) they got a son. Pippalada (Son of Maharshi Dadich) was a great sage himself and is also associated with Pippalada school of thoughts.

The Ardhnarishwara form of Lord Shiva; this is the form of Shiva that is worshipped in this form Shiva-shivaa are sharing half-half part in the same body that shows that they complete each other completely and are incomplete without each other. This itself shows what is the value that is attached with a wife.

Significance while performing Tap and Yagya (तप एवं यज्ञ): More people were involved in tap and yajna in ancient India but they knew that to get the fruits of their tap and yajna sooner, the wife plays the key-role. If husband and wife are performing the rituals together, it becomes more easily acceptable to God (the one who is being pleased in the given circumstances, आराध्य). Fruits of the tap enhances/increases a thousand times when performed with the wife.

So, she is considered to be the one to discuss the progress of the level of spirituality, to be discussed the doubts with because if she too is on the right path of the spirituality, no one else can be more appropriate to discuss things with.

Such high regards/significance/value is attached with the wife (Sah-dharmidi) in Sanatan culture. So, we can also draw the conclusion that for complete inner contentment and to get the fruits of one’s spiritual performances fully and completely his wife Plays the key role.

In case you have any query or doubt feel free to put your question below in the comment box, I would be happy to entertain them!!

With Love

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