Living in the present moment requires your true self & a feeling of Love!! ❤️❤️

I am not happy with my life”

I am so much stressed out”

“My life is not going well/ I don’t have money/ I don’t have anyone to love me/ I am not successful/ I am not healthy/I am not well/ I am not doing good/ I am not happy with my marriage/ I am not happy with my love life/ with my parents…… And so on…

There can be plenty of reasons to be unhappy… There is no ending if someone is not happy… He/she is just not happy… And there can be few incidents when someone is not happy because there is no problem in his life. There is nothing to worry about… So one can be very anxious due to that.

😂😂 Now do you find it funny or a reason to be stressful about??

Well!! It would depend upon your own circumstances… No one actually knows what the other person is going through or is facing in his life. It’s the one who is facing… Is facing it… Knowing this very fact that you are the only one who has to face it or tackle it… Why don’t you face it with all your strength and courage… I know…i know you would say… it’s easy to suggest someone else to do something like this… But do you know what i am going through in my life??? I suppose, ‘No’. I am not here to tell you that either… I am here to tell you the thoughts which gave me strength, gave me courage, gave me passion to face the situation with a smile… Trust me… Life goes on and on… Life never stops with our thoughts but sometimes, we feel that our lives have stopped!! That’s not the fact, my dear!!

So, what can we about it??

Hmm, good question certainly!! We can observe that more often we live either in our past life or future expectations… And in between the present just passes away… Slips by our hands… The moments in present may not be very pleasant at all… But facts can’t be changed or ignored… So we have to face it now… If we want to change it… We have to work on it now… ‘Now’ is now only it’s not tomorrow…

What can help us??

The thoughts … Our thoughts in the present moment help us… Being optimistic may seem to be out of question… But tell me honestly… Do you have any other option?? If that’s the only option, that one has, then, he must opt for it before the present time slips by hands too….

But, but, but… This time please do whatever you are doing with a smile on your face… Have confidence on your own self… If you can’t yourself… Who else wi do and why??

I can tell you one thing for sure if you focus on your actions with faith, collecting all your courage & strength, with a smile and self confidence this time… this would create a positive vibrations around you… That would certainly change the cycle that has been repeating again and again.

Let’s celebrate good feelings… Let’s celebrate love, affection, positivity in the present moment to make something happen.

At one side there can be reasons to be unhappy about but there always have been… The option is in our hands to choose happiness in the present moment.

God has made each one of us capable enough of deciding and acting upon the decision that one takes… So, love yourself as God has made you. Treat yourself as a friend… Then give suggestions to yourself as a friend… Trust me you will find the solutions.

Now, give me your best smile. Take deep breaths for 5-10 times atleast… Feel the connection with the universe or the God, who is running the whole Universe. Go back to your work then with a new self/new version of you.

With Love
Malvika @soultosoulvibes


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