‘Hope is Life’…

‘Omm’ is the beginning and the end… & In between we try to find out our true selves, our peace of mind & heart and try to know about our existence… In this so seen & fealt physical world we sometimes succeed and sometimes fail… That’s part of it!! Life goes on and on…we can move ahead in life only when have hope & faith in Omm (The super consciousness) and the power of the vibrations. Hopelessness leads us nowhere at all. Being hopeless makes the one more vulnerable & feels like a victim of the circumstances. So, One ought to be hopeful!! Being hopeful becomes so very difficult in few circumstances of life… that’s the time, one has to be strong enough and act accordingly with a smile.

No one is weak, it’s our thoughts only that make us strong or weak in the given situations…once we realise and start feeling that we are a pure form of the super consciousness and can realise/materialize and make true anything, we learn to stay calm, composed, compassionate, merciful, get courage to forgive easily with a smile…!! But these things happen, when one connects with the super consciousness at some level atleast!! Those who are not happy with their lives must try to move ahead in this direction to get that peace of mind that seems to be impossible otherwise.

Thanks for giving me your precious time!! Take good care of yourself. Realise your true powers…’being hopeful’ is the right and the only path if you are willing to move ahead in life.


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