चेतना/ Consciousness: what we see might not be the complete truth!!

What one sees at a given point of time or what one understands/ interprets/ gathers from something or some situations or how one takes the other person (someone), it all depends upon the consciousness of that person at that time. One must keep in mind the fact that, it might not be the complete/absolute truth. One person, himself interprets given things in different ways at different point of time, as everyone’s perspective changes depending upon the level of his consciousness!! Consciousness grows/raises up or down depending upon the literature one is reading, the company in which one is kept, the knowledge one is able to grasp from his senses, the subjects one is pondering upon, his karmas of this life and of past life and few other things. One must keep a watch on his level of consciousness… Is it going to higher side or coming to lower side!!

How to judge if it’s raising up or going down: It’s a general known truth now that we all are connected to each-other at physical level (when one would observe nature and functionality of our physical bodies deeply, would realise that) and at mental level too because consciousness when grows at a good level of maturity and connects with nature and the Universe, one realises we all are actually connected very closely (on mother Earth). When one starts feeling emotions, feelings and thoughts of others too… One can understand that he is on the right path. Those people who are in transition stages of consciousness are found to be highly emotional/sensitive/sensible for their own selves and for others too as they feel the connections with others that any person with lower level of consciousness doesn’t feel. There are few instances when they try to keep themselves away from emotions and also from emotional dramas as they know it already when it’s true and when it’s fake.

साधारणतः हम चीजों को जड़ या चेतन में विभाजित एवं परिभाषित करते हैं। परंतु, कोई वस्तु हो या इंसान, वो कितना जड़ है, मानसिक स्तर पर अथवा उनकी चेतना की कहां तक गति है, ये एक देखने तथा सोचने वाली बात है।

मालविका @soultosoulvibes


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