6 points of Facts… Why one must follow his true dreams!! Must know facts!!!

Life is a very short period of time, now a days, to keep postponing our true dreams & desires!! what one can think of; can definitely achieve, infact; only he can achieve ‘It’ coz this is the calling of one’s conscience!!

Our deepest desires are the part of our true selves & sometimes the reason of our existence!! One ought not to ignore his true conscience!! Validation from others has no meaning here, when it’s about one’s true self (provided the desire/want isn’t bad/harmful for others).

Trust me, I know, how does it feel when someone has to give up on his dreams. I have gone through some autobiographies/interviews of people who had given up their true desires earlier but couldn’t live without it…so later, they decided to persue it, anyhow, even if the growth was not very encouraging in earlier stages but they continued because that was something their soul wanted to do. For eg. classical dance, western dance, singing, car racing, learning new languages, to study more & more to gain more knowledge, studying ancient scriptures, Narmada (Maa) parikrama, working for animals, doing some business, art & craft, cloth designing, playing some sports, writing, reading some good literature, roaming around the world, visiting archeological sites, working for the environment, practicing a noble job etc. ‘Not immediately but gradually’ fits in here.

Not all the dreams can be followed along with some different works or in difficult situations, but if a small start is possible, one must give it a try. If it’s not possible to persue it at all at that time then there must be some other thing you would want to do now, till the time the first desire is getting postponed.

6 points of facts; why one must not give up on his true dreams!!! You ought to know!!

1. Inner feeling of unfulfillment & development of Anxiety: Such true desires are one’s inner callings. Calling of the true Conscience. If someone keeps on ignoring them now, they tend to appear in one form or another to show you the true path. Even if one is doing great at one thing but, that feeling of unfulfillment keeps on pinching from time to time. This pain/feeling of unfulfillment gradually develops as anxiety which is certainly harmful for one’s mental health and so for the physical health later on.

2. Only that one person is capable of doing it: The one who has the dream only he can achieve it. One might think that his desires are something that he can’t achieve or is not capable of achieving it but here one must watch his thoughts or beliefs. Our true desires are never out of our reach/capacity/capability even if they appear to be. it’s just that we undermine our true selves & we have forgotten, what we are capable of!! So, don’t you ever tell yourself that you can’t do it, but, you must have full faith that if you want it, you are born to get it/achieve it/build it. Some times such deep desires are so noble and life changing that one must follow them, otherwise, he’ll regret it later on.

3. Only a Happy Soul leads a Happy Life: when one starts listening to these inner desires and starts working in that direction, he feels the unique feeling/sense of the inner fulfillment. This happiness is invaluable and incomparable, indeed. Then that happy soul leads a fulfilling, satisfied & happy life. when a person feels good from inside, it can’t be kept hidden and at the same time the person excells in the other areas of the life too, professionally and personally.

4. Keeps away from the feeling of jealousy/envy:
If one has a deep desire to do something and he couldn’t follow his dreams but some other person (can be a family member/friend), willingly or unwillingly is working in that direction or is already doing good in that area/field…there are chances that the first person starts to develop a feeling of envy towards the other person and also feels that he could have done it with more perfection or would do it in a much better way if provided a chance. thus, sometimes, relationships are affected too.

5. Pressurizing kids/spouse to persuade his/her desire: This has been observed as a tendency that when one is unable to persue his/her own dreams due to what so ever reason/conditions, one has this desire that it should be persued, so the one starts pressurizing directly/indirectly the kids or spouse to persue the same. Here, in such circumstances the desires of the kids or spouse would obviously be ignored and they, ultimately will be following a path, they don’t want to persue, in many cases. Such families, where ultimately, no one could follow their own dreams, are not actually a happy family as they develop a lot of misunderstandings among themselves.

6. One starts bragging about himself: Sometimes, when the soul is not happy because it couldn’t follow what it truly wanted, the person starts bragging about himself without even thinking about its consequences, implications or the serious complications, it could create around. Such a situation arises when the one is wanting validity from others for the situations, one has gone through, what ever difficulties one has faced and needs validation that he was capable enough, the circumstances didn’t favour him.

Hey friends, after seeing so many bad consequences of not following your dreams/true desires, one must choose to follow his true desires. Sometimes, the growth won’t be immediate but your soul will be happy and success would definitely come, when one would go for the excellence!!

Just sharing a secret of mine with you, I had this dream of becoming a real good writer
since i was 10 but couldn’t persue it earlier as i myself had forgotten about it. Later on, life showed it to me, that it was the path, i wanted to follow from my heart… Success doesn’t come overnight…it requires complete dedication and hard work but if I’ll follow my dream, atleast I would be happy & satisfied from inside. So I am following my dreams, now. This makes me happy and I want everyone to be happy in the same manner.

One must realise he/she is a unique person. The only creation of the supreme being who can think like that, as he/she does. One should never ever underestimate his own self. Be true to your own self. Follow your inner conscience. You would certainly be one of your own kind, in your field and would create a good example for others!!!

Thanks for taking out time & reading. I hope it would be helpful.

-Malvika @www.soultosoulvibes.in


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