CONSCIOUSNESS!! We all are ‘ONE’ still different!!

Acting/behaving as per our own current status of ‘Consciousness’ & past ‘Karmas’…we know this life has a very limited time, still we manage to indulge in creating a fake aura & being sceptical about miracles of Life. Forgetting our true aspirations & desires, precisely, our true selves in this world of Al-riyaa.

Beautiful & Bitter experiences are necessary part of this adventurous & miraculous journey called ‘life’ as they come with some imp lesson for the one experiencing it.

Life is an ongoing adventure of diff experiences, feelings, ups & downs. Few people who understand us and few don’t, few ditch us sometimes and few support us unconditionally (in the given situation)… But that’s life… Everyone behaves as per their own level of conciousness…but life goes on, so one has to go on to live it.

One must ensure that the specs he/she wears must be good enough so that the vision is not hampered to see the truth!! Our past is a lesson/experience, not a burden that should overtake our present.

Present moments are meant to be shaped by our present level of consciousness!!

Life gives us an opportunity to ‘start over’ everyday, so, one must ensure that his vision is empowered & not hampered by the past experiences to see, live & feel the reality of the present moments!!


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