What is it?? A connection!! https://youtu.be/3H3S-AkgaFo (watch it on YouTube link)

A feeling deep inside the ocean of thoughts… apart from d other worldly things!!

where apperantly, they don’t really know each other but they can see a trustworthy smile…
A natural shine in the eyes which is full of love n true affection,
just a few honest words…
Sometimes the actual conversation is through the vibes/frequencies which makes it more meaningful…

It’s not about the decided questionnaire anymore when the soul already feels the connection inside…
When there is so much to say that not only hours but days and months would not be sufficient enough time…

But an instinct says just to be silent for a while n feel the reality of the present moments…is it actually true!!??
The moment for which the soul has been waiting since ages!!
An unintentional touch but doesn’t feel to be unknown, why??

Suddenly, the unwanted noises n the not so attractive ambience around seemed to be so comfortable, not bothering anymore…
The flowers that he brought, seemed to be so perfect…

She found his eyes were so curious suddenly, were trying to peep inside her soul through her eyes, she gave her best smile now as not only body but the soul was thrilled…& for him it was certainly a new sunrise!!

They don’t seem to be interested in the conventional questions at all but there were so deeper n meaningful things to be talked about!!
few hours slipped by just like a few moments!!

They decided to walk around
in the open nd pure air, just like their pure feelings & emotions…
A walk under the stars, around the trees, walking barefoot in the full moonlight…
hope this feeling of togetherness ends with their last breath only (in this life)…!!

Malvika 🙂@soultosoulvibes

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