The Power of acting in soul’s pure form!! (Learning to act purely… Part 1)

There are many souls, in there purest forms who are actually sweet, powerful, soft and full of love but the pressure (of situations/of dear ones/of friends/social paradigm) don’t allow them to be themselves and they consistently feel this pressure of acting/behaving differently then what their true nature is… Here arises severe clash between their souls, minds and Hearts … This situation gives rise to breaking of relationships, breaking of those souls, unhealthy lifestyles, addiction to unhealthy things.

The only way out is to be in agreement with the soul… without that there is no way out!!! So self-identification/realisation remains the only solution to come out of such situations!! Here, when this soul is talking about the self realisation, this term exactly means to know the ownself (the capabilities, powers, actual desires and the soul in its purest form).

The present time is such that normally people follow the crowd blindly without knowing the purpose of doing something for its own self… just because something is in trend. This phenomenon leads to a situation when the soul gets lost, feels frustration, feels to get rid of all the outer pressure and just run away from the present situation… whereas on the other hand if someone follows his true self without being concerned what others think but at the same time without hurting others (intentionally) that soul never feels lost in the present situation. there can be some times when the soul will feels to be lacking behind but this will be a temporary scene only because the soul which acts in its pure form is a strong soul and is never lost as such for a longer period of time. We’ll see how can we perform it real-life in the future post!! till then take good care of yourself!!

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