ध्यान प्रथम चरण

There are many people who are interested in Dhyaan/meditation/saadhna but are unable to maintain the consistency, after 1/2 or few days…there can be many good reasons for it, if such kind of a situation occurs but primarily & basically there is one thing only.

Dhyaan is a process of connecting our soul with the Universe, the one, the omnipresent who is never disconnected from us but we all get involved in this world of duality so deeply that we feel that disconnection. So, one has to forget his worldly identify for some time nd set himself free from the worldly worries nd temptations before trying dhyaaan/meditation. This is easy, no technicalities are there actually, it’s just that one has to feel it from his heart & soul!!

Yes, it has also been observed that people who follow a Satvik and simple lifestyle, who are not addicted to alcohol, smoke and such things, have an element kindness in their heart, strive for making position changes around themselves, who don’t waste their time in showing off things or status are more likely to get involved in deep saadhna/dhyaan more easily. God/Ishwar has kept all the doors open for all of us. We are free to make decisions about our lifestyles. But one thing should be kept in mind that, one shouldn’t ignore his/her inner callings as these are the messages to lift up your life, altogether!!

ॐ। प्रेममयी, आनंदमयी, शक्ति स्वरूपा,
मूलतः ये आत्मा, पङ प्रकरणों में भवसागर के, भूल जाती स्वयं को,
है स्वयं ही अंश परमात्मा।
ज्ञान लौ जब होती जागृत,
रौशन होता पथ ध्यान का।
है जिसके प्रथम चरण का उद्देश्‍य,
प्राप्त करना मूल स्वरुप, शांति, शक्ति, प्रेम तथा आनंद स्वरूप तत्पश्चात परमात्मा ।


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