The Soul & The Aim…

Although we all know the fact that we are here on Mother Earth for a limited period of time. We don’t even know ‘how much is the time’, no-one really knows that, still we get involved here so-deeply that we tend to forget this fact of mortality. Forgetting the fact is not the problem actually but forgetting the true self creates the problem. The fact that the soul is basically strong, powerful, beautiful, full of love for everyone and everything around us… but one tends to forget that and creates some different aura of ego, self-centredness, feeling of immortality, feeling of anger (when the other person doesn’t treat/consider the one to be significant enough for the reason of some temporary financial/social superiority), one developes greediness and enchantment for the temporary things.

One has to have some attachment/enchantment with the relationships and things because we are wearing this body at present. Health and wealth do play significant role on Mother Earth so are definitely important for everyone of us but a balance is required between the things which are apperantly significant for this body and the soul so that one can stay healthy and happy mentally and spiritually too!!

So friends stay healthy physically, mentally and spiritually. 🙂🙂…


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