Why does one love being with the ‘Nature’ so much…??

Because they (Flowers/trees/mountains/rivers etc) always remind me of the basics of the Universe 🙂 i.e. ‘Love’ and ‘Beauty’ … The most powerful things that we all have by the Mother Nature (Prakriti) but we all tend to forget it…

Power of Love which can heal every wound, no matter how deep it is!! And has the regeneration/motivational power too for our own selves also for people/other animals around us we if we actually use this power in the right manner

‘Beauty’ everything that Mother Nature has created is beautiful but we narrow down meaning/definition of beauty according to our convenience, for our own benefits… Mother Nature (Prakriti) and Mother Earth make no difference among any of us. All the differences have been created/defined by the humans (the so called superior beings on Mother Earth).

Our every breath has abundant power, so do we have… We just need to feel/realise that abundance inside us, in our every breath, our thoughts, in what we speak, our actions and reactions… Good and (Apparently) bad circumstances nd situations are part of Life… But one must go on (with a smile on the face) because life never stops… Anyways keeping apart this philosophy please plant more trees and plants around yourself…To make the ambience beautiful/motivating around yourself… 🙏🙏

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